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DIY: adding fleece backing to a crocheted blanket


How to add fleece fabric to a crochet blanket

I made a “flat snappy blanket” for my 9 year old son, Hayden. He chose the colors and loved it when it was finished.

Flat snappy crochet blanket.
It is designed to be a mat to lay on instead of a blanket so it was a little smaller than he wanted for a blanket.

I added a border (included in pattern) and it was just the right size.

Flat snappy crochet pattern

Hayden had a great idea to add fleece to the back. Since my sewing machine hates me, I started brainstorming about other options. Over the years we have made several of the fleece blankets that are tied around the edge. I decided to give it a try.

I took Hayden to pick out the fleece. I imagined something patriotic to match the variegated yarn around the edge. Maybe stars or stripes.

He chose camoflauge. UGH. really? I DID tell him he could choose so camo it was….and guess what…it turned out super cute!!! I am so glad we went with his choice.

Cut the remaining fabric into strips, approximately 8" long by 1- 1.5" wide. You will need one strip for every space between knots, all the way around. Tie another strip between each knot, all the way around.


Crocheted Blanket: The blanket in the photo, “Flat Snappy“, measures 34″ x 60”.

Fleece: The backing fleece (camo in sample) is 5″ bigger than my crocheted blanket all the way around (on each side). I bought 2 yards of 50″ fabric. You need a little extra to add strips to the edging.

Scissors, measuring tape, crochet hook of any size to pull fleece strips through blanket.