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DIY: Miracle window cleaner

I have to share a window cleaner with you. You will never believe what removed these awful water stains and left this window so pretty.


Every summer we battle hard water spots from the sprinklers. We have tried every concoction on pinterest and suggestion imaginable, spending tons of money. Each time those stubborn spots remain.
This morning I’d had it! The stains were getting so bad I could hardly stand to look out the window. I was on a mission to conquer the ugly and have shiny windows by the end of the day if it killed me!
I posted for help suggestions in a fb group. Several offered advice, including one lady that simply put “vinegar”. My first reaction was there was no way vinegar would touch these spots when super cleaners couldn’t.
Since I had a gallon of vinegar under my sink that I had been meaning to throw away I decided to give it a try. What could it hurt? I poured the vinegar into a bucket and used a mop to soak and lightly scrub the window. Before rinsing, I decided to scrub and soak it again. I used the hose to spray off the vinegar and OH MY HECK! can you believe how clean it is? I am still in shock. Spots are gone and it was so easy.
I did wash the window after with regular window cleaner to help get rid of the vinegar smell.