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How To: Symbol Crochet is Not Chicken Scratch

A friend of mine, Deanna Tate, had a wonderful how-to/technique suggestion. She said, “Symbol crochet is really easy and I know some are put off by it thinking it would be too difficult to learn but it really isn’t hard at all”. She also shared this great link which started me off on a quest to find more.

So what IS “symbol crochet”? According to the Craft Yarn Council, Symbol Crochet is standardized crochet symbols used… in addition to or in place of words to describe a pattern stitch. Here is a basic chart which describes the basic symbols:symbol crochet

More Great Tutorials

  • This is one of the best articles I have found on symbol crochet. Lots of graphics too.
  • If you are interested in learning symbol crochet, I would suggest following a series of free lessons from Yarn Obsession. There are three parts: I, II, III. These are great and each lesson includes an assignment.
  • VIDEO: How to read symbol crochet by Knitpix
  • VIDEO: How to  – Crochet Chart Patterns and free pattern.

Fun FREE symbol crochet patterns to try

Do YOU have any tips for reading symbol crochet? Please share in the comments.