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Tip: How to Choose Colors

Have you ever seen a blanket pattern you would love to make, only to wonder what colors you would use? I often find myself staring at shelves of yarn trying to pick just the right combo. Growing up my mom owned a fabric store so I always feel at home on the fabric aisles. Since my sewing machine has launched war against me I don’t buy much fabric, but I love to check out the color combinations. One day I realized fabric and related projects could be a great source for choosing colors in crochet projects too.

Last time I was at the library I visited the quilt book section. Quilting is a skill I wish I possessed and am always admiring the work of those who do it well. While looking through the books I found many wonderful sources. Take a look at the color combinations.

I also came across books designed for quilters to choose color! That’s perfect. These make a great addition to our libraries also.

My library has all of the crafty books together. Next I started looking through the paper piecing/scrapbook section. I came across a book that gave me a lightbulb moment.

Flower Power Patchwork by Anne-Pia Godske Ramussen

Flower Power Patchwork by Anne-Pia Godske Ramussen

Look at those adorable flowers. The book is full of beautiful color combinations. A HA! Lightbulb moment. What if I tried different color combinations with flowers? That way I could try out the yarns, see how they looked together and have a little project ready to add to a package or headband. This would be especially helpful with variegated yarns to check out how they work up. I got right to work!

blossomsI LOVE this idea and had so much fun trying different combinations. I hope you will give it a try. The pattern, “Colorful Blossoms” is free.

There are many online resources too! Pinterest is a great place to find colorful inspiration. Why not start your own Pinterest Board for saving things that inspire you?

Where do YOU find your color inspiration? Please share your tips below.