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Fresh Start, Do-Over Time

Today is Monday, my favorite day of the week, AND the first day of November so I’m making myself start fresh and embrace the week… one day at a time.

Life Moments That Make You Reflect

This past week something happened that made me stop right where I stood, frozen, pushing work aside and not really accomplishing anything. As the week went on I realized I need to make some changes and be better prepared for those surprise moments when we do need to push everything aside.

First, I plan to really simplify my life in the upcoming year. I have a really hard time saying no to things and not “doing it all”. Over the next two months, I will be evaluating the upcoming year and cutting way back on “events” and obligations. That does sound helpful, but knowing myself the biggest issue I have is beating myself up for not being perfect. I need to let that go.

I don’t live in the pinterest app. I live in real life that is not enhanced with fancy filters. Let’s live the REAL life, ok?

Anyone else need a fresh start? A do-over? Let’s do this!

We all deserve to rock our best life. This time of year I find myself anxious about living up to these grand plans and expectations I put on myself. All year long I plan on working on handmade gifts throughout the year so I can give everyone I know a really awesome gift for Christmas. “THIS year I am going to have a stack of the best gifts ever made and ready to proudly distribute on Christmas day… I will make it the best year for everyone, do all the traditions, make yummy food, watch every Christmas movie, AND stick to a diet”. Only to find myself discouraged and beating myself up at the last minute and being a basket case, staying up on Christmas Eve with hot glue stuck to my fingers… then the emotional eating… don’t even get me started on that depressing downslope.

(Maybe this is more of a letter to myself, a public declaration that I will give myself a break from the high expectations. I really think at least one other person out there could use a break too.)

Little By Little Wins The Race… Avoids the last minute meltdowns

No matter what we think we should have done up til now, what we hope to get done, how much weight we hope to lose, how much dejunking our house needs, or whatever we hope to conquer, WE START TODAY. A fresh start, do-over, remember? No more kicking ourselves for what we haven’t accomplished. Let’s give ourselves a frickin’ break.

Avoid Trying to Create “The Perfect Holidays”

I went searching for ways to simplify the holidays and wound up adding to my lists of things I felt I needed to do. OH MY HECK! Only teams of craft gurus with a nanny, chef, housekeeper, and a million other helpers could make these “Perfect Christmas Moments” we see on social media. It is all about BEING PRESENT, not the presents. I need to print that out and post it everywhere I look!

Speaking as a mom of two adult children who have been thousands of miles away for most holidays, ENJOY EVERY MOMENT. Boy, I need to come back and keep reading that.

So How Are We Going To Do This?

One. Day. At. A. Time. We keep moving forward. Yesterday is in the past so let’s promise to quit harping on it and GIVE OURSELVES A FRICKIN BREAK ALREADY! Yep, I do have that one written on my mirror.

I have a bunch of crochet projects, printables, quick crafts, and more that I have been working on…. but no time to get it all out. A group of AMAZING friends are willing to help us. So, from now until Christmas we are going to FLOOD you with ideas, inspiration and keep reminding you (and us) to GIVE YOURSELF A FRICKIN BREAK.

Let’s Start By Making A Pact

If you could get three things accomplished for the holidays, what would they be? Think about it for a sec.

My three things are: 1. plan ahead so I am not caught at the last minute trying to put out fires and turning into a mad woman; 2. take time for ME by walking or riding my bike even just 10 minutes a day to help destress and have my brain to myself; 3. No sugar. I have had some health issues and sugar hates me… yet it still calls to me at night and begs me to eat it.

Now Your Turn

Please comment below and tell me what 3 things (or maybe just 1 to start) would make your life easier.

I hope this gets your brain thinking, flowing, and headed FORWARD! No looking back right? Fresh start, do-over time!