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County Fair Field Trip and Yarn Giveaway

The county fair is about 20 minutes away from my home and a lot of people get involved, including my husband who works for the County Sheriff’s Department.

Growing up we always entered things we made. As an adult, I have entered a few times, but usually end up running out of time. This year I thought it would be fun for our youngest son (12 years old) to enter some of his photography. He got a camera this summer and has taken lots of great pictures…mostly of our two dogs.

On Tuesday, we took 8 pictures (3 for Hayden, 3 for my husband, 2 of mine), plus my Santa Flag. We decided it wasn’t about getting a ribbon, but about the experience.

County Fair Field Trip

We went out to the fair and had a great time. We took my parents and spent a few hours.

Hayden, My Dad, My Mom and me

Hayden got a second and third place!! YAY! He was really happy. His two pictures are above his head. His third entry was in a special category for the County Commissioners and they chose a different picture.

My husband’s pictures are the top and bottom. One of mine is in the middle.

My other picture got first place!

Santa got a blue ribbon too!

Peeps Enter The Fair

Several of our crochet friends have entered items in their local fairs. I love seeing what people make and love when people get acknowledged for their talent. Check out some of their creations.

Laurie VanOstrand: “Items here were entered in the Washington co fair in MN. This weekend I will be dropping them off for entry at the MN State fair.”

April Lee Eisenhauer: “He was my 1st place Weiner from last year. His name is Bloomer since he won in the Bloomsburg fair.”

April Lee Eisenhauer: “I entered your snowman sampler scarf last year and won 3rd place.”

Vicki Wiest took first place with this wonderful pooch.

Courtney Edmonds Espinoza: “The girl shirt won 1st place this year in our county fair.”

Jeannie Coppernoll: “I enter in our county fair every year. I started entering after seeing that there were very few entries for someone to look at and enjoy. Our fair has grown a lot in that area and is becoming very competitive. It’s a lot of fun.”

Brenda Benninger received second place for this gorgeous afghan.

Jennifer Manning: “Here is the Halloween blankie lovie i entered last year and got first place.”

Connie Dews: “As your other posts shows lighting makes a big difference. Here are two things I’ve done. I’ve entered off and on for years and always win. It’s a great feeling. This first pic is my great niece wearing the outfit I made her and won a few years back. The second is one I did last year and the ladies loved it. One said she wanted to take him home with her.”

Have You Entered Something in Your Local Fair?

I would love to feature you too. Please send a picture and description to [email protected]


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