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Announcements for 2024

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Current Events

Back by a HUGE request: This summer we will be making and shipping “soldier soakers” to US soldiers stationed overseas.
How you can help:
– Crochet the soakers: get all of the info and a free pattern here >>

– Help with shipping:
Buy a 10 pack of patterns (your choice) for $10 and 100% goes towards shipping these to soldiers.
We have already received 200 from a local group so we will be able to start shipping asap. As part of my May celebration, I am selling “shipping sponsor packs” to help with shipping these. 100% of the purchase goes towards shipping these to soldiers.

We did this several years ago and every year I get a lot of requests (from soldiers AND crocheters). A local youth group will be helping with this project and we hope to get a lot of participation.

Seasonally Snappy 2024:

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  1. Catherine McDonald says:

    I love work. Thank you for your generosity.

  2. Catherine McDonald says:

    I love your work.Thank you for your generosity.

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