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Announcements for 2024

Giveaways, specials, events, and more will be posted here as available.

$2 Tuesdays

I have teamed up with some awesome designers to bring you terrific crochet patterns for just $2 each every Tuesday. See this week’s specials:

Weekly Newsletter

Latest newsletter: 2/20/24
A weekly newsletter will be sent each Tuesday (possibly by noon, mt). You can view the most current newsletter online at the link if you aren’t able to receive my bulk emails: Snappy News week 8, 2/20/24

Mini Goose Bunny Costume and More

We had so much fun dressing up the mini geese that I just kept going and made outfits for Easter and spring too.

Preorder today for just $3 and receive TWO patterns for the price of one on Friday, 2/23/24. Offer good until Friday, 2/23/24. Regular price will be $6 for both ($3 each).…/mini-goose-dress-up-set…/

Included in this pack:
Easter set – bunny costume, basket, and more.
Easter Parade/Spring set – fancy hat, tulip dress, and fun extras.

The stuffed goose pattern is sold separately and 40% off again in case you missed it. Offer ends 2/23/24:

If you didn’t get the “sweet and lucky dress up sets” those are now on Ravelry for $3 each. You can find all of the mini geese patterns at this link:

If you had joined the event with those patterns you will be getting a code later this week to download those to your library.

  1. Catherine McDonald says:

    I love work. Thank you for your generosity.

  2. Catherine McDonald says:

    I love your work.Thank you for your generosity.

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