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How To: Starting a crochet circle

I LOVE teaching people to crochet and one thing I have found that every new student struggles with is that beginning circle. Whether making a beanie, circles for features or starting an amigurumi it is super important to avoid that dreaded hole. I struggled with this until I found the “magic loop” or “magic circle”. There are many ways to do this. At first it might seem weird, but once you’ve practiced it you will be happy you did. It makes the world of difference in the finished product.

Have you ever seen a beautiful hat with a hole in the top? Starting with a magic loop will do away with that.

Lots of hats need small repairs. Please weave in all ends and make sure top does not have a hole. Stitch it closed if necessary.

As with any new technique, be patient, take deep breaths and avoid throwing hooks. You will be snappy happy that you did!

How-to videos and tutorials:

Magic loop of sc: One of my first videos. Not the best but hopefully gives you an idea of how I do mine.

Magic loop of hdc: I made a video to show how I start a beanie with half double crochet.

Magic loop by Amber Perry Patterns: This set up is slightly different.

Tutorial: Magic loop by Planet June

Magic Loop LEFT HAND by Planet June

Magic Loop LEFT HAND by The Crochet Lounge