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DIY: Jack o Lamp

Last year my husband turned our lamp post into a jack-o-lamp for Halloween. It is so easy to do and our neighbors love it!

Materials Needed

Lamp post, light cover or window

Razor Blade or scissors

Orange Light bulb

Black electrical tape


Directions for lamp post as shown in photo above:

~ Wash lamp cover thoroughly and allow to dry.

~ Face:

Option 1 (as shown above): I put strips of black electrical tape directly onto the lamp cover in a square shape. I then use a razor blade to cut the shapes. My lamp cover hasn’t gotten scratched by the razor blade, but I would suggest trying a small spot first OR the pieces could be placed on a piece of metal or glass and then moved to the lamp cover.

Option 2: If you have a vinyl cutter the face pieces could be cut from black vinyl and then applied to the lamp cover.

~ Change lightbulb to an orange light. I got mine from Walmart for less than $5.00.


This works great on mirrors, windows and other light covers too.

My mom runs a thrift store for her church and she got in a brand new crocheted 8ft long scarf. I kept trying to think of something I could do with it. The yarn was super soft and the scarf was worth much more than .50. It made the perfect addition to my Jack O Lamp.

This winter he will be dressed up as a snowman! I need to make him a special hat and scarf. Maybe I’ll add a stick across for arms and hang some mittens too.