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Animals of Yellowstone

As you drive through the gates into Yellowstone National Park you can pick up an animal check list. We are always able to check off elk and bison. Often we see at least one bear. We have also see wolves, pronghorn antelopes, coyotes, GIANT ravens, yellow-bellied marmots, and a few others. 

One animal that eludes us more than not is MOOSE. They are my favorite and a definite treat to find. We have actually seen more moose outside the park than in. Each trip I set a quest to find one. I am determined and WILL keep my eyes open for these majestic animals.

We are heading into the park today and hope to see one. If not, we can always crochet one, right?

Looking back I realize I designed a moose or animal pattern each fall around our annual trip to Yellowstone. I am pretty sure I think that will help me see the real animals better. 

Things Made From Snappy Moose and Animal Patterns

Here are some wonderful creations people have made from my moose patterns too:

Beth Williamson,”My Love Affair With Yarn“, has turned many of my patterns into amazing things, but this one is by far the best! 
From Beth: 
Made for my daughter for “dress like a Dr Seuss Character” day at school. She didn’t want anything as simple as the Cat in The Hat or the Lorax. She wanted Thidwick the Bighearted Moose. I am soo happy that Snappy Tots has an amazing Moose pattern I was able to use for this.
This photo and hat by Darlene Tasso was my first favorite photo of a snappy creation. 

Wanting to buy a finished moose hat? You can order this hat, made from my “Deer Hunt” pattern, in any size. Contact “My Little Lady And Man” to order.

Thank you to everyone that celebrated our trip with us by entering the giveaways and grabbing the daily freebies.
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