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Seasonal: Keeping it fall a little longer

Thanksgiving is like a giant dam that needs to be reinforced each year. I bet years ago the beavers’ union gave up and offered a full surrender, not being able to hold the giant mass known as “Christmas” back any longer. No, this calls for a giant concrete one. A friend shared this graphic and I LOVE it!

So, in honor of the turkey, I will celebrate fall.


Coffee cozies are always a must this time of year. This pumpkin set from Yarnovations is so cute.I love the “lid” for the jar too. There are tons of “mixes in a jar” recipes (see below) to put inside instead of pumpkin seeds.


I am usually not a fan of fall colors because I miss the bright and cheeriness that is lacking, but this Hexagon Fall Flower Tote by “Crochet N Crafts” is a gorgeous combination. The pieces could be assembled as a centerpiece or pillow too.


Ok…this is by far one of my favorite shares. Check out “10 days of mason jar gifts” from Amy Bayliss, use the cozy hat and lid pattern posted above and make it into santa or snowmen and you will have presents for everyone on your list this year!


Cowls are really popular right now and a beautiful way to stay warm. Love the color, love the pic, love that it’s a free pattern (from Parent Pretty).


Lots of fun treat ideas from “The Dating Divas“. Check out these turkey treats, plus many more creative ideas on their site.

Have you started planning who will cook your turkey this year? 
290886_200787266662105_136880703052762_459297_1323678682_o copyGrab my Cooked Turkey hat pattern for only $1.99 til Thanksgiving. Take a look at pictures people have uploaded while you are there. They are AWESOME. Two thumbs (or wings) up!