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The Great Summer Gift Event

It has been FIVE years since my first “Great Handmade Gift Event”! Wow, it is hard to believe it has been that long. We have done several since, with lots of quick gift patterns.

To celebrate its fifth year, I am setting up this summer’s for the same amount and price as 5 years ago. TWENTY weeks of patterns… 20 weeks of fun (1 quick pattern released every Friday by noon mt… watch me stick these deadlines!). This starts on June 21st and ends on Nov 1st!!

BIG SAVINGS: Sign up before the end of day (mt) 6/20/24 for only $6. That’s 30 cents a pattern! (Price will be $15 after 6/21/24.)
Get all the info and sign up:
I can’t wait to get started so I hope you will join me. Why not get a friend to join too so you can keep each other going?

A handmade gift, in my opinion, is always best and meant someone spent time on my behalf. Handmade gifts are often (but not always) a less expensive option than store bought things. 

Wouldn’t it be great if come December we had things all ready so we could focus on family, the season and other things? Wouldn’t it be nice if next time we remembered a birthday or needed a get well gift we could go to our stash and have something ready?

Let’s Do This!

What will the patterns be? This is a surprise, BUT I can tell you all projects are made from worsted weight yarn and can be completed in a few hours. The patterns are written in English crochet terms.. with extra help tips throughout.

The reason behind this event

My mom always had a colossal upright dresser full of miscellaneous items to use for gifts. Each drawer had interesting odds and ends she had collected over time. (I would add a fun statement listing some of the more interesting items you have found in her dresser). My thoughts revert to that wondrous dresser every time I need a gift at the last minute. 

Over the years, I have tried stashing away items in my own version of mom’s dresser. My plastic bins from Wal-Mart are far from her beautiful antique dresser, but they have helped keep all the items in one place. For a while, I was buying things, stashing them in random places, and finding them when it was too late. I often found myself wishing I had found that one wonderful item just a few weeks earlier. I would think to myself, “Oh shoot, that would have been the most eccentric gift for my sister” or similar.

Every Christmas, no matter how great my intentions throughout the year, two things would happen: I would spend family time working on gifts at the last minute, causing enormous stress (to the entire family), and I would wish I had kept up with my intentions to harbor amazing gifts throughout the year.

More Info

Will the patterns for this event be available on Ravelry? Not at this time. Some might be added later and sold individually for $3-5.

What are the projects? We keep them a surprise but I can tell you all are made with small amounts of worsted weight yarn and can be completed in a couple hours (definitely within a week before the next pattern is released).

Some of the projects from previous events are shown below to give you an example.

The projects shown are not included in this event. They are shown as an example of past events.