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Free Pattern: Floating Scrubbies

This summer we decided to put pool noodles over the springs on our tramp like others have done. They worked, but our black lab, “Oila”, thought we had attached chew toys to it just for her. Each morning as I played fetch with her (mandatory at least twice a day at our house) I kept thinking there had to be something I could use those pieces of pool noodles for instead of just throwing them away.

Hmm.. I wonder if I crocheted around them if they would make a good scrubby? Well, not sure they help get the dishes any cleaner but they do FLOAT! I basically made a soap saver, slipped a section of the pool noodle inside, and now I won’t have to fish around for the scrubby in my dish water. I think I am going to send some to my grandson for his bath too. I just think they would be fun for him to play with.

Next I want to make some that look like fishing bobbers 🙂

So, instead of packing away that pool noodle til next year, cut them up and make a bunch of gifts for Christmas. You could even make them look like peppermints! HEY! I think I’ll whip up a few of those next… then some donuts, taffy…


Yarn: Red Heart Scrubby Smoothie or Red Heart Scrubby

Crochet Hook: H


  1. With an H hook and cotton yarn, start with a magic circle of 8 sc sts (or preferred method for starting a circle of 8 sc sts). Pull closed and place a marker for working in the round. (8sts)
  2. 2sc in each st to end of round. (16sts)
  3. *sc, 2sc in next st*, repeat to end of round. (24sts)
  4. *sc 2, 2sc in next st*, repeat until 3 sts remain, sc 3. (31sts)
  5. *dc in next st, sc in next st*, keep repeating for a total of 10 rounds (or until desired length). Note: Since there is an odd number of sts the second round will start with a sc in the dc st and vice versa. Just keep going.
  6. After the last sc, sl st in next st. This round creates the spaces for the drawstring. Ch 2, dc in each st to end of round, sl st in first st to join. Do NOT finish off  yarn.
  7. This step creates the drawstring. Ch 40. Finish off yarn, leaving approximately 4″.
  8. With a yarn needle, weave the end of the drawstring in and out of the dc round. Use the yarn tail to sew the end of the drawstring chain to the beginning of the drawstring chain. Secure yarn tail.
  9. Insert the pool noodle and pull drawstring to cinch baggie closed.
  10. Tie a loose knot near the top of the bag to keep the noodle inside.

Or How About…

You could use these little bags for treats or soap savers. You could also use any soap saver or small baggy pattern to make these too. I think my Bug Bags would make cute floating scrubbies.

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