Mini Cheesecakes, A Birthday Favorite

2014-08-09 18.43.23

For some weirdo reason, my husband decided years ago that there is such a thing as “birthday pie”. Our daughter, a big fan of cheesecakes, thought it was a great idea to change the traditional cake. She LOVES cheesecake and every year I make yummy and easy Mini Cheesecakes for her. When choosing deserts for [...]

Award Announced

E Lee runs the Crochet Lounge. It is an outstanding group, plus a fun page. Her page and blog are full of original and easy to follow patterns, videos you will love and helpful posts. She also can be found online at the following sites: Website Pinterest Google + You Tube Prizes E Lee wins the following [...]

Beanies For Bravery Season Kick Off!


Today starts our FOURTH season of gathering and shipping beanies to our brave soldiers overseas. Each year, from August 15-April 15 we ship to military members, mostly stationed in the middle east. Please read the BFB page for all of the information you need. If you have questions please do not hesitate to ask. Just [...]

Button Up Headwrap

We’ve all purchased yarn that we LOVE, just because it is wonderful. I was shopping at a local dime store and found Red Heart Super Tweed. I picked up a couple of skeins, Smokey and Pinkberry. The other night I needed a quick and easy project to work on while in the car. This headwrap [...]

Funeral Potatoes are Yummy Everyday

2014-08-12 10.49.25

My husband has been craving “Scalloped Potatoes”. Growing up, we ate these all the time. YUM! As I grew older, they became known as “funeral potatoes”. Whenever food was needed for a funeral a sign up sheet was passed around church, asking for funeral potatoes to be made. It wasn’t until I had an anthropology [...]

Swimming With Sharks

shark sale

Sharks are everywhere lately, getting ready for Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. Until Shark Week is over (Saturday, August 16, 2014) this new pattern, Swimming With Sharks, is only $1 from my Ravelry shop. The pattern includes   instructions for a washcloth, bag, stuffie and little fish to feed your shark. Buy one for yourself [...]

Let the Football Season Begin

Football munchies and things to crochet.

I get to see my Peyton tonight as the Broncos play a preseason game. We are HUGE Denver Broncos fans and we are hoping this season will make up for a yucky ending to last year’s hopeful run. Yep that’s me with the best Christmas present ever! I LOVE Peyton Manning and my sister gave [...]

Variations are the Best!

Isn’t it great when you can use a pattern in many different ways? I have always tried to create patterns that include variations, suggestions and work well together. We have done many contests  in the past to encourage people to come up with a variety of ways to use Snappy patterns. When I designed the [...]