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What’s Snappin: learning from others

If you aren’t interested in the rambles of my quirky brain then feel free to ignore this installment.

If someone asks you for help it’s probably because they value your experience and knowledge in that area. Don’t mock them for their need or inexperience. Cherish their belief in you.

This is something I need to keep reminding myself because if I don’t, God finds a way of reminding me to cherish someone’s belief in me and not make them feel “less” for asking for my help.

This morning I was once again reminded that when my first baby was born I didn’t know what to do and I asked for help. He was the first baby (or child for that matter) that I’d been around for any length of time. I was never a babysitter. I was raised around people my age or older.

That person found it funny and it became a family joke. My first reaction when someone tells this story to or around me is always “hurt” because being a good mom is the only continual goal I’ve ever had.

I’ve been teased about that moment many times, so much that obviously it was passed along the generations. One of those generations shared it with their friend and today that friend thanked me for showing them they are going to be ok. If I could keep a child alive then so could she lol.

Over the years that length of “hurt” has become shorter because I try to tell myself we all need to learn. Through this story that gets retold hopefully someone realizes not everyone knows how to instantly be a mom or that it’s ok to ask for help or maybe even someone remembers down the road and jumps in to help in a situation before being asked because they remember not everyone instantly knows how to be something new.

We are all learning. It’s ok to ask for help even if someone ends up laughing or mocking us. WE come out stronger, better, more tolerable of others because we are learning.

How about you?

Have you tried to turn a hard experience into a learning one? I would love to know. Please comment below. We all learn from each other.