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Wiggly Giggly Bugs

I love leaving little things I have made for others to find. Yarn Bombing has become very popular because it is exciting and easy to do, and even more fun to see. I hope you’ll join in as we blast the areas around us with bugs.

Challenge: Bug Blast

What are we doing: Make some “Wiggly Giggly Bugs” and wrap them around places as you go about your day.

Who can do this: This is for everyone of all ages. They are REALLY easy to make, plus I’ve included links to helpful videos (at the end of this post). You only need a little bit of yarn and a large crochet hook.

Here come the Wiggly Giggly Bugs!


I wanted something super easy that even first time crocheters could do. These are great for practicing a chain and single crochet stitches. See end of post for tips.

Materials you will need:


Small amount of yarn in two colors

I hook or larger


Note: for younger children just starting to crochet, I suggest using a larger hook (J or larger) and thicker yarn.


Bug: With yarn and hook, ch 25. Work 3 single crochets in the 2nd ch from hook and in each chain across.

At the end of the chain  you should have a spiral that looks like the pictures. Cut the yarn and pull the yarn tail through the loop on your hook to finish off. Weave in both ends. Set aside.

Antenna: With black yarn and hook, ch 15. Cut yarn and finish off as above. Tie a knot in each end of the chain. Cut the yarn tail on each end so it is 1/4″ long.

Look at your worm. One end is flat and the other pokes out. I like the end that pokes out to be the face. Wrap the antenna piece around the bug about 2 twists from end. Tie a knot. You have to give the antenna ends a tug to make them stand up.


  • You could use a needle and yarn to stitch on eyes or glue googly ones in place.
  • Make larger bugs with thicker yarn. Make longer bugs by starting with a longer chain.
  • Add a little note to your bug for someone to find.

Your bug is ready for BUG BLASTING! Keep him for yourself and make lots more to leave places you go. They are great wrapped around door handles, shopping carts, twisted on fences, sitting on shelves and more.

PLEASE SHARE PICTURES!! We all want to follow your adventures! Post a picture on my facebook wall or send me an email. Please tell us about your Bug Blast.

How To Crochet

Here are some tips, videos, and articles I have found to help learn to crochet and to teach young ones to love it!

Young children are just starting to get used to using one hand at a time. It can sometimes be a struggle to use both. The easiest way for me to start young children (under 6) is to work together. I hold the yarn and they work the hook. This takes patience.

2014-07-07 20.27.51

Another option is Finger Crochet. I am not a super fan of this, but many are. Here is an article and video to check out if you want to give it a try:

Learning to finger crochet, by Make and Takes.

Some of our blasting:

How to Wrap a Wiggly Bug

Wrap it around, cross it over and give it a twist.

Our First Bug Blast