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Sending Beanies to Soldiers

People ask me why I started “Beanies for Bravery” and why it is so important to me to get these beanies sent to soldiers every year.

This picture of my oldest son and his son Leland sums it up. This photo is from one of his deployments. He had been deployed for several months and got to visit his cute little family for two weeks. He was then gone another year after this photo.

Our soldiers, men and women, leave loved ones behind. The sacrifice they and their families go through is unbelievable to me. Since I can’t be a pta mom to the army… I so would if I could… I wanted a way to some how show my appreciation and help thank them. Plus, It would touch my heart to hear my son received something someone had made for him. I hope their moms know people around the world care too.

I am thankful for every single hat that is made for this project. I am thankful for your time, talent and money spent to get these hats to me so I can pass them along to our extraordinary men and women. People often thank me but without YOU this wouldn’t exist. We’ve sent to thousands of soldiers. THOUSANDS! Our community is incredible! YOU are incredible.

How You Can Help

Shipping Sponsors

We need your help shipping to soldiers. We have received a TON of beanies this season and have been able to ship 1900 beanies to soldiers overseas since this past August. THANK YOU to everyone that has helped making the beanies, writing thank you notes, and helping with the shipping.

More are coming and we hope to get them shipped asap. We are opening up our “shipping sponsors for crochet patterns“. You will receive a coupon to use for 10 crochet patterns of your choice for each. The coupon doesn’t expire so you can choose from current or future releases.

By becoming a “box sponsor” you are paying 1/2 of the shipping expense for one box of 36 beanies to be shipped to U.S. soldiers.

Accepting Handmade Beanies Til January 31, 2024

We will be accepting beanies until the end of January and then again next August. For more information on this project and a free crochet and knit beanie pattern please visit:

If you sponsored a box of beanies THANK YOU! We are getting the coupon codes out as quickly as possible. We got behind and apologize for the delay.

Soldiers in Afghanistan wearing their beanies.