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Celebrate Warriors Challenge

Let’s celebrate the warriors in our lives. Whether it is a parent, teacher, friend, family member or the warrior within, our lives are better because of these people. I hope you will join me this month (and beyond) in honoring them.

The Challenge

I want to encourage you to make one of my “Warrior Stuffies” and share with us to help spread positive vibes, encourage and inspire others and celebrate awesome people.

How? Follow the steps below:

1. Make a warrior from the “Warrior Stuffies” crochet pattern by Snappy Tots.

2. Take a picture of your warrior creation that tells a story. 

What does that mean? Please include the stuffie with the warrior recipient or in a setting that tells about the person. Remember to include a description too.

3. Share the picture on my Facebook PAGE, a public facebook page or on Instagram and include #snappytots to win prizes. 

4. Make sure the picture is on a public page so we can find it. 

  1. You can enter multiple times by making multiple stuffies and sharing pictures.

A winner will be chosen daily from 5/13-5/31/19. Winners will be posted here, on this page.

Thank you for joining the challenge to celebrate the positive people in our lives. When you see these pictures pop up I hope you will comment in a positive way to show support.

Please send me an email if you have any questions.



The following entries were chosen to be featured and each win 3 snappy patterns plus a special gift.

If your entry is chose, please email [email protected] to claim your prize and please include a shipping address.


Winner 1: 5/13/19

Winner 2: 5/14/19

Winner 3: 5/15/19

Winner 4: 5/16/19

Winner 5: 5/17/19

Winner 6: 5/18/19

Winner 7: 5/19/19

Winner 8: 5/20/19

Winner 9: 5/21/19

Winner 10: 5/22/19

Winner 11: 5/23/19

Winner 12: 5/24/19

Winner 13: 5/25/19

Winner 14: 5/26/19

Winner 15: 5/27/19

Winner 16: 5/28/19

Winner 17: 5/29/19

Winner 18: 5/30/19

Winner 19: 5/31/19