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Countdown Calendar: Skates

One of my favorite ornaments growing up was a pair of ice skates someone crocheted. They had the little paper clips as the blades and were flat. I wanted a 3 dimensional pair for our “Countdown to Christmas Calendar“. These boots are quick to make and super cute!

free pattern crochet skates ornament.


Yarn: Worsted weight in two colors

Crochet Hook Size F
2- White Jumbo paper clips
4- Small glitter white ribbon roses (I did not add these because my little boy thought they were girly)
Yarn needle
Scrap pieces of yarn or fiber-fill to stuff skates (I used yarn scraps)

Directions: Follow directions for making the “Ice Skates Ornament” found on All Crafts Blog.

Hanger: I chained 50 instead of what the patterns calls for.