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Free Pattern: Grill Master Washcloth

This square washcoth is designed to go along with the “Grill Master Hand Towel“. I think it makes a nice looking set plus they are both usable, not just too pretty to use.


Grill Master Washcloth

An ad-free, downloadable PDF of these patterns with all of the photos is available for only $2. It includes this washcloth and the hand towel. Instructions for both the hand towel and washcloth are included in the pattern. CLICK HERE to buy the download or add to your favorites.


Materials & Details

  • Yarn:  worsted weight cotton yarn
    Washcloth – 150 yds main color; 20 yards of one contrast color.
    Sample yarns: Cascade Yarns Prima Cotton in Cream and Red
  • Crochet Hooks: H
  • Miscellaneous Supplies: Yarn needle
  • Finished Measurements: Washcloth – 7” square



  • Numbers at the beginning of each line may refer to  steps and not indicate number of rows.
  • Instructions are written with color changes as shown in sample. Substitute colors as desired.


Directions – Washcloth

Tip: this could be made any size by starting with a chain of an odd amount of stitches.

  1. With an H hook and cotton yarn (red in sample), ch 31, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across. (30sts)
  2. Ch 1, turn, sc in next st (not the same st as the turning chain), *ch 1, sk 1, sc in next st*, repeat to end of row.
  3. Ch 1, turn, insert hook in first ch 1 space from previous row, pull up a loop, YO and insert hook in same space, pull up a loop, YO and pull through all loops on hook. This is referred to as a “special stitch” from this point on. *ch 1, special st in next st*, repeat to end of row. (15 special stitches)

See photos below for help with the “special stitch”.

  1. Ch 1, turn, special stitch in first ch 1 space, *ch 1, special stitch in next ch 1 space*, repeat until 1 ch 1 space remains, ch 1, special stitch in last ch 1 space, ch 1, special stitch between last special stitch and ch 1 from previous row. This row is repeated to create the entire towel and is referred to as “main row” from this point on.

Placement for last stitch of row and how to work the “special stitch”

  • Step 1:  insert hook after last “special stitch” and before the ch 1 from previous row (first photo below).
  • Step 2: pull up a loop (middle photo below)
  • Step 3: YO and insert hook in same space, pull up a loop.
  • Step 4: YO and pull through all loops on hook. (last photo below)
  1. Repeat main row five more times.
  2. Change to contrasting yarn (cream in sample). Repeat main row three more times.
  3. Change to main color yarn (red in sample). Repeat until cloth is square. End on right side of cloth.
  4. Ch 1, turn, sc in first st, sc in first space, sc in the top of each special stitch and in each space to end of row. (30sts)

Finish off and weave in ends.


Towel Set

I hope you will enjoy making this washcloth and the set. 


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