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Beanies for Bravery Crochet and Knit


100% of the proceeds from this pattern will be used to ship beanies to our soldiers overseas.


This pattern includes crochet and knitting  instructions for an adult size beanie plus guidelines for my “beanies for bravery” project, sending handmade beanies to U.S. troops. Please follow guidelines and ask questions if needed.

All hats MUST be:
100% washable fibers.
black or dark brown, worsted weight
NO stripes, pompoms or earflaps

Note: the units we send to request nonwool, washable fibers. We have double and triple checked this information with the U.S. Army commanders and USO contacts, making sure it is correct. Yes, there are some branches that only allow 100% wool, but not the ones we send to. Please follow our guidelines.