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Policies and Contact Info

Snappy Tots Policies

Comments and Contact

I love reading your comments! If you’ve linked to Snappy Tots on your own site, I’d love to see a link! Let me know what you think about a particular post, suggestions or if you’ve spotted an error in a pattern. I do try to reply promptly, but it is hard to keep up with all of the comments on various platforms. If you are waiting for help/a reply, please send me an email.

Selling Products Made From Snappy Tots Patterns

Feel free to sell finished products made from Snappy Tots patterns, as long as you don’t sell or reproduce the written or digital versions of the pattern, in part or whole. Please include a link to or the actual pattern with credit for the design listed within the online listing, or on the tag if selling at a craft fair or in a shop. You cannot use any pictures or content from the pattern or website in order to sell your own product except with express written permission.

Pattern Translations

I don’t allow translations to be hosted elsewhere. If you would like to translate a Snappy Tots pattern to another language, please create a PDF file of the translation and email it to me at [email protected]. I will host the PDF on as a downloadable file on the original pattern page. You are welcome to include a link to your site with credit for the translation on the PDF. You may blog about doing it with a link to the pattern file on Snappy Tots.


All content within my patterns and/or located on and related sites is the sole property of Snappy Tots and protected by copyright, unless otherwise specified. All Rights Reserved.

More Information or Questions

Please contact me at [email protected] with questions related to this information.

Thanks for your support!