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Every once in awhile a design turns out better than planned and truly tickles me. I LOVE this new slouchy hat and so did my model. Isn’t she cute? I tied a strand of heartstrings to the giant pom on top to match the “Heartstrings Scarf“. Want to make your own heartstrings like shown hanging from the back of the hat? Watch for the free pattern.

The hat needs a name as cute as it is. Please enter a name suggestion for a chance to win the finished hat. One person will be randomly chosen to receive this hat.

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  1. Rebecca Kilby says:

    hearts aglow

  2. Bubble Love hat

  3. Be my slouchy valentine hat

  4. I think you should call it Love Knots

  5. Beautiful hat! Berries n Cream or berries n Cream with Love come to mind when I see the colors and the stitch used. I love it! Great job Ms Heidi!

  6. I love the name cheerful hearts hat!

  7. Tracy Waller says:

    Cute cute

  8. Stephanie Nelson says:

    Cute hat

    • Stephanie Nelson says:

      I didn’t know we could post the name here….. how about the laid back love hat! Cuz it’s a slouchy hat!

  9. Shannon O'Sullivan says:

    Laid Back Lid

  10. Love the hat

  11. hearts A Flutter…for the name

  12. Keep it simple and just do Heartstrings hat. That way people know they are a matched set :)

  13. I love this hat. I am thinking “waves of passion” or “Love ridges”

  14. Angela dagley says:

    Be My Love Slouch

  15. Connie Morrisroe says:

    “And a Cherry On Top”

  16. warm hearts hat

  17. Heart Strings Slouch

  18. My Hearts all tied up Beanie

  19. Irena justice says:

    My suggestion – “winter love hat” – a nod towards V-day but could be made in other color combos for a cozy winter hat. Can’t wait to try it!

  20. Darlene Tasso says:

    Love Flurries

  21. Love it. My suggestion is Dangling Hearts Slouch.

  22. Heartwarming Slouchy Hat

  23. rebecca b says:

    Bubble Bliss SLouchy

  24. Elizabeth hewitt dye says:

    HeartBumps Slouchy Hat

  25. Eileen Doane says:

    Warm heart!

  26. Strawberries & Cream

  27. snappy slouch

  28. Rebecca Carrier says:

    Hearts will flow!!!!!

  29. Jill Dupre says:

    Dangling Hearts Slouchy

  30. Bridget sherman says:

    To cute!
    The name that I thought of when I saw the hat was, ” “strawberry shortcake. “

  31. Wrapped in Love!

  32. Slouchy Hearts Hat! I would wear this for sure a cute hat!

  33. Anjanette says:


  34. Hugs and kisses

  35. Rachel Walters says:

    Piece of my heart slouchy!

  36. Kim jones says:

    Love me knot slouch

  37. Snowcap

  38. Falling Hearts Slouchy

  39. Cute hat! Baubles n love beanie

  40. 2 hearts valentine beanie

  41. “Tugging at my Heart” slouchy hat! Great idea for other hats too! Awesome job, Heidi!

  42. Anne Beckham says:

    Peppermint Heart Drops

  43. Snappy Love

  44. Shamci stanton says:

    Lot’s of Love Slouchy

  45. Knots of love slouchy!

  46. Anita Cornetto says:

    Keeping with the KISS principle (Keep it Simple Stupid lol) I would call it the Heartstrings Slouch

  47. Pamela Emerson says:

    Snappy Hearts Hat

  48. Doreen Musson says:

    The “Valentina”

  49. Dirinda Westfall Lacen says:

    Bumpy Slouchy Beanie.

  50. Love Bug

  51. “IN LOVE”

  52. Heart Strings Attached

  53. Snappy Hearts of Love

  54. Morna Harding-Went says:

    Wearing your heart on your hat.

  55. Heart Strings Slouchy

  56. Definitely would go with Heart Strings Slouch! Love it!

  57. LOVE POTION #9 Slouchy would be a great name. It is so cute,

  58. Love the look. I think it should be VERY BERRY LOVE HEART

  59. Mary Maxwell says:

    Heart Strings Slouchy

  60. Cute hat… I would call it either, ” dripping with love” “heart strings” or “where my heart hangs” last but not least “sweet lovely valentine”

  61. Michelle wulf says:

    Slouchy Cascades

  62. Kim anderson says:

    Love it and I know my girls and granddaughter will too!! How about “Can you feel the love” or “Feel the Love”

  63. Keri goldsmith says:

    Loves Delight
    Dangled Hearts
    Delightful Hearts

  64. Anita Mills says:

    Bleeding Hearts Hat

  65. Snappy Hearts Slouchy Love the texture!! :)

  66. Love this hat! So cute!!!!

  67. Love is on your hair! :-)

  68. You pull on my heart strings…
    Love the hat!!!

  69. OH it goes right into my heart ! Be my loving cozy valentine <3

  70. April Conner says:

    “My Hearts Desire”

  71. Anita silvaz says:

    Heart throb!

  72. Anita silvaz says:

    My hearts a dangling or your dangling my heart!

  73. Hearts of Love Slouch Hat

  74. Heather McLaughlin says:

    Strawberry Shortcake

  75. I would name the hat Fluffy Tail

  76. Jelly Beans

  77. Valentine’s Strawberry Slouch Cake

  78. Sharon Lydon Powers says:

    “love top” as a name :-)

  79. Sally Korneychuk says:


  80. Andrea ODell says:


  81. Loves a flutter hat

  82. Liz Jaquier says:

    Tangled Hearts Slouch, great pattern by the way!

  83. Berrylicious

  84. Doreen Musson says:

    “The Valentina”

  85. Linda Stull says:


  86. Tina Strano says:

    Bubble Love

  87. Heart pom pom love slouchy

  88. Elaine sumner says:

    Sweetheart Slouchy

  89. Merryn (@EmHighway) says:

    Dash of Sweetness.

  90. Two Hearts Dancing

  91. Terry Webber says:

    Hearts Afire Slouchy

  92. I Heart Hats!

  93. Bursting with Bobbles Slouchy

  94. “Berry in Love”

  95. Be mine slouchy
    My valentine slouchy

  96. No strings attached.

  97. Don’t break my heart hat.

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