Current Snappy Events

  • Seasonally Snappy 2022 Seasonally Snappy 2022 $22.00
    **Please be aware it may take up to 48 hours to receive the event information.** Back for another year! Our first 3 "seasonally snappy" year-long events were a lot of fun and each year gets bigger and better so let's do it again! This listing is a subscription for a year-long crochet pattern event. The Patterns Each month a brand new premium snappy pattern will be available by the TENTH OF THE MONTH. The monthly projects include a variety of seasonal and US holiday projects. These will include at least one of each of the following: a unique beanie, wall hanging/garden flag, stuffie/amigurumi, bag, kitchen accessories. Skill Level: Easy. Basic crochet skills needed and you must be able to read a crochet pattern. Materials needed: Each design is made from worsted weight yarn in a variety of colors. Some variations in larger yarns might be included, but each project will have a worsted weight version. If you would rather not pay in advance, most of the patterns will be sold separately for $4-6 each by the 15th of each month. The "bonus" patterns will not be sold separately. Examples: The projects are not shown in advance, but if you would like an idea of what we have done in the past, please see the projects from snappy 2021. BONUS For Members Only A special monthly bonus pattern will be released to only event members. This is a small additional pattern. These might be sold separately after the 2022 event is complete. Individual Use Only Membership is good for one person and is not meant to be shared among a group of friends. If you would like to purchase this for a friend, please include a note when signing up. Membership Contact All communication for the group is based on the email used when purchasing. If you would like to be contacted through a different email please let me know. Downloads Pattern locations: Each pattern will be on a special event page on my blog as well as added to Ravelry. Giveaways will be done quarterly instead of monthly to allow more time for people to participate. Rather than a specific date for the entire year, release dates will be posted per qtr. However, all patterns will be released by the 15th of each month.
  • The Great Summer Gift Event 2022 The Great Summer Gift Event 2022 $15.00
    At the beginning of the year, I had decided I wouldn't do gift events this year, but with inflation skyrocketing it seems like the best time to make gifts and craft fair items. The FIFTH "Great Handmade Gift Event" has begun and will run for 15 weeks. PLEASE READ THIS WHOLE THING... I tried to keep it short. After payment you should be redirected to a file download in pdf form. It includes the log in information for the event and will take you directly to the pattern (s). This will be a wonderful way to get things done and enjoy making new projects too. Last summer we did smaller projects that were easy to finish within one week so more people completed them and it was a hit! About the event Each Wednesday from June 15 - Sept 21, you will receive a new snappy pattern. These will be available to download from an event page for up to a year. A reminder email will be sent each Wednesday because I know it is easy to forget. These are sent to the email address associated with your purchase unless you request otherwise. About the Patterns I have put together items that have made great gifts, things that have sold well in craft fairs, and gathered suggestions from many friends. These 15 patterns will be a great resource whenever you need to whip something up because they cover so many categories. Wondering what type of projects we will be making? Some hints: a few seasonal items for summer and fall, things for the kitchen, porch, yard, and more. Each one will be shown on this post as it is available. Materials: All use worsted weight yarn. Some items will be included that are better made from 100% cotton yarn, but most can be made from acrylic yarn. I try to choose things that do not require specialty yarns in hopes we can use at least some of what we have on hand.
  • Spooky Snappyland Crochet Along Spooky Snappyland Crochet Along $6.00
    Preorder Special: Only $6 if you sign up before the event starts (regular $10) Purchase of this listing registers one person for a spooky crochet adventure. Join Heidi of Snappy Tots from October 3rd - 17th and create 3 unique crochet projects. The pdf files for each pattern will be available to download so they can be used at any time. You do not need to "attend" anything special. For the event we will be creating a little seasonal setting for a tiered shelf, bookcase, your work desk, or add them to a wreath. They also can be made child friendly for their make believe moments too.Each is made from worsted weight yarn and basic crochet stitches. The patterns are easy to follow if you know how to follow a pattern. Event information is emailed within 48 hours of purchase.